Frequently Asked Questions
Commonly asked questions about PortsDB

At the moment the dataset is not available for download. However it is planned to provide snapshots of the database as a separate option apart from the web-service access.
Currently there are over 4000 unique ports in the database. This number doesn't include alternative port names and not active ports.
Both addresses are correct and can be used interchangeably. However, we strongly recommend to use via https for API integration purposes due to security considerations. See documentation for more details
Ports data is collected from open sources available on the WEB, mostly from ports' official websites. The data is gathered and reviewed by community of enthusiasts connected with maritime shipping and nautical navigation. In future we plan to extend our community by providing corresponding web-tools allowing everyone interested to participate in the project.
With the latest update of the database the number of ports with UNLOCODES is 3712.
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